Bookkeeping services and preparation of tax returns according to the statutory requirements

  • checkRecord in the books the transactions performed by the Beneficiary with the observance of the statutory accounting principles and procedures (capitalization procedures, work in progress valuation, asset recognition, depreciation policies, revenues and expenses recognition, provisions for risks etc)

  • checkPreparation of half-yearly and yearly statutory financial statements in compliance with the applicable Romanian accounting regulations: balance sheet, profit and loss account, disclosures, etc. including the preparation of management reports and other reports (e.g. IFRS) required by the group and/or Romanian law.

  • checkPerform closing transactions of the statutory accounts (booking depreciation, accruals and deferrals, provisions, etc)

  • checkEditing the trial balance and the compulsory accounting and tax ledgers: General Ledger, Accounting Ledgers, VAT Ledgers, Fiscal Ledger;

  • checkPreparation of compulsory accounting Registers (General Ledger, Fixed Assets Ledger; Inventory Ledger; justification of accounts;


Review the accounting records as basis of financial reporting and prepare Financial Statements in accordance with internal accounting policies and statutory regulations


Obtaining various tax certificates; Issue invoices, process payment orders; Reconciliation with debtors and suppliers; Assistance for stock counting.